MyHealth Clinic offers Quality and Cost-Effective Mobile Clinic Services

MyHealth Clinic, being a full-service, ambulatory care clinic, offers a full-range of medical products and services, from primary and multi-specialty medical consultations, to laboratory and diagnostic services. Recognizing the health and medical needs of our diverse patients, MyHealth Clinic also offers mobile clinic services to corporate clients.

Mobile Clinic Service or Onsite Annual Physical Examination is the conduct of Annual Physical Examination within the premises of the Company. Annual Physical Examination consists of Medical History, Physical Examination, laboratory & diagnostic examination.

Under Rule 1960 of Occupational Safety & Health Standards (Bureau of Working Conditions- Department of Labor), periodic annual medical examinations shall be conducted in order to follow-up previous findings, to allow early detection of occupational and non-occupational diseases, and determine the effect of exposure of employees to health hazards.

Innovative and Cost-Effective Healthcare

Employers are looking into innovative means to cut back on corporate healthcare costs, and Mobile Clinic Services have proven to be one of the effective ways to significantly reduce healthcare costs.

Conducting Annual Physical Examination within your company premises is more efficient and cost-effective. Because employees do not need to take a leave from work, the company’s productivity is not affected. High employee compliance rate during Onsite Annual Physical Examination will provide the company the following benefits:

  • Re-asses employees health status
  • Identify onset of medical problems
  • Identify the top ten illnesses in the workforce
  • Promote proactive health awareness among employeesbased on the company top ten illnesses
  • Prevent absenteeism & presenteeism

More than a company policy requirement, APE’s will give employees an idea regarding their present health status, allowing them to manage their health better, manage chronic health conditions, prevent disease complications,reduces unnecessary hospitalization that will increase the company’s healthcare cost, that will definitely impact the company’s bottom line.

Why choose MyHealth’s Mobile Clinic Services

MyHealth’s  Mobile Clinic has the capability to offer a wide array of services to meet the healthcare needs of your employees at reasonable cost.

Latest Medical Technology. Our Digital Mobile X-ray provides high-quality images for access to fast, accurate, and convenient health screening. This reduces employees’ travel cost and waiting time, as well as speeds up access to diagnosis and treatment. MyHealth also uses a digital radiology systems (via an integrated Picture Archiving and Communications System or PACS) that can efficiently archive and retrieve large numbers of images.

ISO Certified. MyHealth Mobile Clinic is ISO Certified for ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), thereby assuring you of quality and reliable medical, laboratory and diagnostic results through advanced technologies.

Continuity of Care. MyHealth’s five clinic branches in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu allows your employees to complete their annual physical examination and follow-up medical examination at any one of our clinic branches.

Centralized Medical Records. MyHealth Clinic has developed its own clinic management systems, allowing availability of medical records for remote and central diagnosis, quality control, and computer-aided diagnosis even on distance.

Excellent After-Service Care. MyHealth’s services extend even beyond the mobile clinic service, as we continue to take care of our relationships with our corporate clients by participating in their company wellness fairs, health screenings, immunization programs, or other health campaign projects.

MyHealth Clinic’s commitment to quality and compassionate patient healthcare experience and operational effectiveness will prove that MyHealth Mobile Clinic is the better choice.

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